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More convenient and for less then self storage


your stuff and furniture
from your home or office


them in our tidy
and safe storage facility


them to you
whenever you want

Storing things in our warehouse at Warsaw couldn't be easier

How many times have you said that your home or office is running out of space for all the items you possess? Even if you have large and adjustable rooms at your disposal, buying yet another cabinet just to store currently unused books or clothes in it is not the best option. There is a more convenient way to store things and furniture, which is the Więcej Miejsca service!

We operate comprehensively.
Our warehouse provides absolute control over the items you possess. We will help you regain space without effort and leaving your home or office. We will collect your belongings and carry out an inventory, thanks to which you can check what products are kept in our secure facility at any moment. And you will pay less than in the largest self storage warehouses in Warsaw.

Store as much as you want for how long you want.
Więcej Miejsca modern approach for storing items and furniture constitutes a perfect solution for moving, leaving city or country, and even permanently. If you don't have a basement or you don't want to rent a larger office facility, take advantage of our space. We will pick up your belongings at the provided address, pack the items, dismantle the furniture, secure everything, carry it, transport it to our warehouse, and return it on request. Our storage facility in Warsaw will accept from several containers or cardboard boxes up to the contents of an entire apartment or office.

Browse your stuff.
Więcej Miejsca offers more functional and convenient service than a standard self storage. The difference is that we are the organizers of items and furniture stored in the warehouse which saves you valuable time, efforts and unwanted stress. Unlike typical self storage, you can access your belongings via an online catalog whenever you want, from wherever you are.

All you need is access to a computer or telephone. Then all you do is a few clicks and we will deliver you the selected products or all belongings when you want to use them back.

Who Trusted Us

Storage of things and furniture tailored to your needs.
Pickup on our side, straight from your apartment or office.
Fees are lower as the space occupied by your belongings decreases.
Easily and conveniently view and order returns via the online catalog.

Storage in plastic containers

19 zł / plastic container / month


– safer than traditional cartons

– more resistant to mechanical damage

– time-saving when packing

– you will store e.g. 90 T-shirts or 80 books

– external dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 40cm

Storage in wardrobe boxes

39 zł / wardrobe box / month


– convenient solution for hanging clothes

– quick hanging of clothes from a traditional wardrobe

– hanging clothes remain ironed

– you will store e.g. 30 shirts or 8 winter jackets

– external dimensions: 60cm x 50cm x 120cm

Storage on the surface – 2m2

198 zł / 2m2 warehouse space / month


– you can store e.g. a medium wardrobe, 3 suitcases, a table, 2 chairs, a standing lamp, a few cartons

– dimensions: 100cm x 200cm x 250 cm (height)

From 99 zł / pickup or return of items / by one professional mover

The minimum storage fee is 95 zł (e.g. the equivalent of storage in 5 plastic boxes). Collection of items, loading on a delivery truck, transport to the warehouse, return of the items on our side. We can help you pack things into our plastic boxes or cartons. On request, we can create an online catalog that allows you to view and order returns as needed (especially useful when you store, for example, seasonal clothes during different seasons of the year).

Storage space – 6m2

594 zł / 6m2 warehouse space / month


– you can store things even from a 40m2 apartment

– dimensions: 200cm x 300cm x 250 cm (height)

Storage space – 12m2

1164 zł / 12m2 warehouse space / month


– you can store things and furniture even from an apartment of 80 m2

– dimensions: 400cm x 300cm x 250 cm (height)

Other storage space


You can store items with us on an area of ​​1-50 m2. If you are not sure what space you need, contact us – we will help you estimate it. If, during storage, the storage space occupied by your belongings decreases, so does the storage fee – and you don’t even lift a finger.


Phone: (22) 122 02 34

From 350 zł / collection and return of items / by 2 professional movers

Collection of items, loading, transport to the warehouse and return of items and furniture on our side. We can help you pack things into our plastic boxes or cartons. We take care of disassembling furniture and securing them. On request, we create an online catalog that facilitates the verification of what is stored with us and easy return ordering of items and furniture that are needed (a particularly useful option when you use storage for the duration of renovation, which takes several months).

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Door-to-door pick up Our experienced movers wrap, pack and carry you belongings. Heavy lifting and stress on your side.
Sturdy boxes Better protection for your belongings and the convenience of packaging than with cartons. You waste time on folding and sticking cardboard boxes.
Packing supplies We will deliver them to you before pick up and show how to use them. You often need to visit a store. You'll be wondering how to do it so it doesn't break.
Transport You don't have to rent a van or worry that you'll get a fine for bad parking. Driving a van can be stressful for an inexperienced driver.
Online catalogue See easily and conveniently (sitting at home or in the office), what you store with us. You (to yourself): Where is it...? What do I keep there?
On demand delivery service When you need something, we'll bring it back to you. Do you like to traffic jams and wasting time browsing through piles of your stuff?
Flexible price list You reduce the occupied space during a month, you pay less in next ones for the service. Fixed price list for the storage box, regardless of the occupied inside space.
Insurance You get free. You pay extra.
Moving service Just say, what you need us to do. Sorry, we don’t offer it. More procedures on your side.


As safe as at home
We know that each item we are supposed to store is important for someone. It is important for us that all those who order our services should be confident that their property is in good hands.

We offer:

Tidy warehouse for our own use

24-h monitoring, alarm, CCTV

Solid, waterproof plastic bins

Button seals with unique numbers

Insurance of your stuff

Clients about us

About Us

Więcej Miejsca is more than a traditional storage of things and furniture. Our clients are convinced that a sufficient space for living or working in Warsaw does not have to be only for the chosen ones, but it is at your fingertips. From the very beginning, we wanted our storage service to be easy, affordable, safe and convenient. That is why hard work is on our side. That's why we offer an online catalog that allows you to manage your stored property with your computer or telephone. It does not matter if you plan to renovate a flat, you get a bigger family, move or you lack space for seasonal or office stuff. Więcej Miejsca is to make life easier for you.
+48 22 122 0234

Our operation hours:
Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 8:30pm
Saturday, 10:00am – 4:30pm