Przechowalnia rzeczy i mebli Warszawa


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More convenient and for less then self storage


your stuff and furniture
from your home or office


them in our tidy
and safe storage facility


them to you
whenever you want


Więcej Miejsca is a modern storage room for items and furniture. We will help you regain space without any effort and leave your home or office. And you will pay less for it than in the largest self storage warehouses in Warsaw.

We operate comprehensively.
We come to you, pack up things, disassemble furniture, secure, we end up, transport to our warehouse and return it upon request.

Store as much as you want and for as long as you like.
From several containers or cartons to the contents of the entire apartment.

Browse your stuff.
Check in online catalog, what and in what quantities you store with us. Something is needed? Just a few clicks and we'll give you back.

Price List

Store items in eco-friendly containers (60cm x 40cm x 40cm)

The convenience of packaging and great safety for your things. Store clothes, seasonal items, books and plates, kitchen utensils, hobby accessories, toys.


20 PLN / container / 30 days *
* decreasing fee with more containers

Pick up / return

60 PLN / to 10 containers + 10 PLN / each additional container *
* includes inventory / loading at the customer / unloading in the warehouse
Thanks to the containers, you will save time and increase the comfort of packaging. They are also super safe - resistant to mechanical damage and contact with water. You can fit, for example, 250 CDs or 120 children's clothes or 90 medium-sized books.

Storage in wardrobe box

Convenient way to store you hanging clothes: shirts, dresses or outdoor wear: jackets, coats


PLN 30 / wardrobe box / 30 days

Pick up / return

PLN 60 / up to 3 wardrobe boxes

Transport to warehouse: free

Thanks to wardrobe box, you will not have to iron your belongings after the storage period. You can fit in one of them 10 jackets or 30 shirts.

Renting larger warehouse space

Store furniture from the apartment or office, home appliances, electronics, cardboard boxes, sports equipment, bicycles, marketing materials of your company, suitcases or prams.


Area 2-5m2 = 99 PLN / m2 / 30 days
* decreasing fee with more containers

Pick up / return

Pick up / return from 60 PLN
* includes inventory / disassembly / securing / loading at the customer / unloading in the warehouse
You can rent from 1-20m2 or even larger. If the space you occupy in a given month decreases, in the next you will pay less for storing things and furniture.


As safe as at home
We know that each item we are supposed to store is important for someone. It is important for us that all those who order our services should be confident that their property is in good hands.

We offer:

Tidy warehouse for our own use

24-h monitoring, alarm, CCTV

Solid, waterproof plastic bins

Button seals with unique numbers

Insurance of your stuff

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About Us

Więcej Miejsca is more than a traditional storage of things and furniture. Our clients are convinced that a sufficient space for living or working in Warsaw does not have to be only for the chosen ones, but it is at your fingertips. From the very beginning, we wanted our storage service to be easy, affordable, safe and convenient. That is why hard work is on our side. That's why we offer an online catalog that allows you to manage your stored property with your computer or telephone. It does not matter if you plan to renovate a flat, you get a bigger family, move or you lack space for seasonal or office stuff. Więcej Miejsca is to make life easier for you.
+48 22 122 0234

Our operation hours:
Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 8:30pm
Saturday, 10:00am – 4:30pm