Przechowalnia rzeczy i mebli Warszawa

WE PICK UP your stuff and furniture
from your home or office


WE STORE them in our tidy
and safe storage facility


WE RETURN them to you
whenever you want

Do you need more space? We can offer you door-to-door storage of your items – a unique and convenient service addressed to individuals and businesses alike. We are currently operating in Warsaw (and vicinity).

1. WE COLLECT your items from your flat or office. For your comfort, we deliver for free our clean, sturdy storage bins made of hardened plastic, for smaller items. Larger items (sports equipment, suitcases, furniture) are also properly secured for transport and storage.

2. WE STORE your items as long as necessary. We create a user-friendly online catalogue of the items stored on our premises. In this way, you will be able to view a list of your items and manage their storage.

3. WE RETURN your items at your request. Your stuff is just a few clicks away. The items will be returned to you even on the following day.

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As safe as at home We know that each item we are supposed to store is important for someone. It is important for us that all those who order our services should be confident that their property is in good hands.

We offer:

Tidy warehouse for our own use

24-h monitoring, alarm, CCTV

Solid, waterproof plastic bins

Button seals with unique numbers

Insurance of your stuff

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In Warsaw many people need extra space for their stuff. Does not matter, if you are renovating your home,  moving to another place, just have too much stuff or going abroad and want to let your place. You will probably need extra space for your belongings. In that case, Więcej Miejsca is a great option for you. We provide you with sturdy plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. We store larger items. We offer door-to-door collection, storage and return of the items. It means, you don’t even have to leave your place to get more space. Just relax and enjoy your time.
+48 22 122 0234

Our operation hours:
Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 8:30pm
Saturday, 10:00am – 4:30pm