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What can you put in a plastic box?

Więcej Miejsca storage room can provide with our durable plastic boxes for storing your belongings. They are used to store private and office belongings.

They have a very durable construction, which significantly increases the security of the things stored in them. They have the same dimensions: 60 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm. They are a great alternative to ordinary paper cartons, where most people store their belongings if they use self storage. You can pack them seasonal clothing that you don't currently wear, sports equipment, virtually the entire wardrobe of your little child, documents and books or hobby items, which you can’t hold at home, because of lack of enough space.

To help you estimate how many boxes you need, we present some examples of things that will fit in them. If you're an avid reader and you love to read, our one solid plastic container is enough to safely stack 80 books. You can also use our storage room to find additional space in your office. Then the container is enough for ten standard A4 binders. Do you want to put the contents of your wardrobe in our warehouse? You can put around thirty pieces of adult clothing, or three times as many of child's clothes to one box.



Wiecej Miejsca_ksiazki w pojemniku_male


Wiecej Miejsca_ksiazki_male

90 books



Wiecej Miejsca_ubrania dorosli_male

Wiecej Miejsca_wieszak dorosli_male

Wardrobe for adults 30 pieces


Wiecej Miejsca_segregatory_male

Wiecej Miejsca_segregatory na pojemniku_male

10 large binders for documents / notes



Wiecej Miejsca_ubrania dzieci_male

Wiecej Miejsca_wieszak dzieci_male

Baby wardrobe – 120 pieces


Wiecej Miejsca_snowboard dla dwojga_male

Wiecej Miejsca_Zestaw snowboardowy dla dwojga_bez tla

Two sets of snowboard clothes

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