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It is not easy to organise a private or office relocation, renovation or prepare an apartment for rent. The more equipment, the more difficult it is to transport it to a new home or store it until everything can be arranged again. Sometimes you just need more storage space. That is why we provide storage of furniture in safe conditions for as long as you want.

Więcej Miejsca provides services just right for you, if:
• you are planning a renovation in a new house or office and you are wondering how to secure your equipment,
• you are looking for additional space to store furniture from an apartment that you want to rent,
• you want to facilitate the tedious relocation process and reduce the amount of stress,
• you simply run out of space in your home or office.

In our warehouse in Warsaw you can fit all your furniture, household appliances and electronics as well as many other large items that you want to move to a new apartment or office after some time, give to your children or place in a property you rent.

Storing furniture in Więcej Miejsca is a service thanks to which you can monitor, using our online system, which items are in our facility. You can also choose to get back some or all of your belongings at any time. Thanks to this, as the renovation work progresses, you can slowly equip subsequent rooms in your home. You do not risk their damage, dirt and do not clutter your space.

Your comfort is what matters! We make sure that our house or apartment equipment storage services are tailored to the situation you find yourself in. We provide the option to store furniture for a month as well as for several years – if, for example, you are going for a longer posting or trip. If you do not have space or do not want to store your belongings in your own space, they will remain safe in our facility.

In addition, the more space you need, the more competitive offer we will be able to offer you. Moreover, we will provide transport and loading, and when you need your belongings, all you need to do is select the return option in the application and the equipment from our warehouse will go back to your home.
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