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There is never enough space, but instead of thinking about changing your residential or office premises and relocating, or getting upset because of the lack of a tenant’s storage room, the solution is often to find additional space for the items you have accumulated. Storing things at home will eventually lead you to feeling overwhelmed by the number of items in your surroundings. You can experience the same in your office. If you are surrounded by data binders or unnecessary furniture on all sides, it’s difficult to focus on your duties. Fortunately, you can always make use of our storage room in Warsaw and have more space (Więcej Miejsca) for yourself.

We will take care of your belongings! How do we store the items entrusted to us? First of all, we make their inventory and enter them into your individual account in the system. Thanks to this, you can always see online what is in our facility. You don’t need to guess and wonder where you have put your specific clothes or books. If you need a particular binder, larger t-shirts for your growing up kids or you feel like listening to your old records, order the return of a specific container and we will bring you exactly what you need.

We care about the safety of your things and our storage room is located in a clean, well-kept facility. We place your items in durable containers made of solid plastic. You do not risk your belongings getting dirty, damaged or getting into contact with water during their collection or return. You can sleep peacefully while your belongings are stored in our storage room. You have more space and remain in constant touch with our company.

You can store things without restrictions. You decide for how long you will keep your books, documents, clothes or other items with us. If the renovation is longer than anticipated, you still do not have enough space and you have not put your apartment in order, you can always extend the period during which you wish to use our services. The storage room is always at your disposal, and the more of our containers you fill and use, the more favourable offer you will receive. Of course, you can store things in your own cartons or containers.

Our warehouse is a new, very comfortable way of storing things, adapted to your current needs.
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